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Junior School Blog

September 2018

  • Year Three

    Published 28/09/18

    The children in Year Three have had a good week.
    This week they have been looking at diary writing using first person,using 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' as an example. They have also started column subtraction, which has gone very well.
    The children are working very hard on their times tables with some fantastic results.

    Keep up the hard work everyone.

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  • Sea Lions with Punctuality Pup and Attendance Ted!

    Published 28/09/18

    Sea Lions won both Attendance Ted and Punctuality Pup this week.

    Well done everyone!


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  • Year Three Art Lesson

    Published 27/09/18

    Year Three had a wonderfully messy time in art today, recreating cave drawings using chalk,charcoal and pastels.

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  • Year Six are evacuated.

    Published 25/09/18

    What a great day we have had - learning how to deal with an air raid, preparing our sandwiches, being evacuated by steam train to the countryside, experiencing evacuee selection by characters from the local community before returning six years later to a platform of smiling parents!

    We hope that the children have enjoyed today and feel they understand what happened to many children during WW2.

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  • Giraffe Class Win Punctuality Pup

    Published 21/09/18

    We have a new friend join us today: Punctuality Pup! We are very pleased to have him join us for the week and are very proud to have earned him. Well done Giraffe class.

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  • Year Four's Bubble Art

    Published 18/09/18

    Our main activity in art was to ‘capture’ bubbles on paper. After discussing the properties of bubbles and how they are iridescent, translucent and spherical the children used pastels and colouring pencils on black sugar paper. It was a really enjoyable lesson -bubbles seem to make everyone happy and the results were amazing!

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  • Year Five - Science This Term!

    Published 16/09/18

    Year Five's science lessons are based around Space this term.

    The children have been designing and making their own Aliens for homework. 

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  • Year Six - Air Raid Shelters

    Published 12/09/18

    I'm getting some great homework tasks already! The air raid shelters are really impressive. and I have had some excellent reports of interviews with parents and book reviews. Well done to everyone - keep the standard up.

    Mr Vincer

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  • Introducing Basil the Penguin

    Published 11/09/18

    I am delighted to introduce to you Basil the class penguin .....voted for by the class. I am even more delighted to announce that altogether the Class managed to produce a grand total of £304.57 over the summer with their various entrepreneurial projects.
    This means that in addition to the original adoption money sent already I will be able to send a further donation of over £250. Well done to all the children for their efforts. Truly excellent. 😀😇🐧

    Mr Crouch

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  • Year 4 and the Romans

    Published 09/09/18

    Year Four are having lots of fun learning more about the Romans in our Topic lessons this term. We began by working our non-chronological reports last week and have been learning a new text based on the Roman baths. We have learnt some really tricky vocabulary, such as tepidarium, caldarium, frigidarium and hypocaust system. Our Topic display area is looking great with all of the Roman villas that the children have been making. They are looking superb! The children have been so creative and it is lovely to see the different designs they have used to decorate their villas. J


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  • Year Six

    Published 04/09/18

    Today we have looked at inheritance between parents and their offspring. The children have designed families based on the two parents they were provided with and identified the features which have been passed onto the children.

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  • Christmas is Coming!

    Published 03/09/18

    We have only just come back but we firmly have our sights set on celebrating Christmas in style!

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September 2018