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Dinosaur Day 2016

Tuesday 12th January found the KS1 children of Tenterden Infant School taking on the role of paleontologists and explorers. 

See the Gallery for more pictures of the day.

The children moved around the school for the day experiencing different activities. 

Class 5 teacher Mrs Hood took the children down to the woods, experiencing boggy conditions and a chilly climate to explore and track down dinosaurs facts. 

In Class 6 they became paleontologists identifying and measuring dinosaur prints that had found their way into the playground.  Miss Payne explained to the children that they could identify, measure and then record their findings.  The children then went into the classroom and investigated dinosaur bones, digging them up and sketching the different types of bones. 

In Class 7 the children had fun singing dinosaur songs and using the instruments to demonstrate dinosaur noises.  Then they went into the hall with Miss Ellis to become dinosaurs and dance using dinosaur physical movement. 

In Class 9 Miss Phipps showed the children how to make a dinosaur out of clay, identifying key features to form, such as the plates on a Stegasaurus and the three horns on a Triceratops.

The children had a wonderful day learning and creating all around this term's dinosaur topic.