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The Doodleman

Ex-pupil Sam Cox, aka Doodleman, visited Tenterden Junior School to finish drawing his mural in the school corridors so that the school children could watch him at work. During the school holidays Doodleman had produced a fantastic mural over 2 corridor walls containing cartoon characters with an educational and multicultural theme. Doodleman was personally thanked in the School Assembly by the Executive Headteacher, Sam Crinnion and presented with a photograph of him working on the mural at the school and a handmade card from the children.


The mural contains cartoon characters in a school setting such as working on computers, reading books, sitting at desks, painting, singing, playing football, reading etc. There are maths symbols, calculators, science experiments along with a drawing of St Mildred's church, friendship symbols of characters holding hands, a dove for peace and world maps.