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Comic Relief Football Match

Thursday 23rd March 2017 saw the teachers take on Year 6 in a hotly contested football match.

For more photographs please view the gallery.

The sun was shining, the goals were up, shin pads dug out and injuries were strapped!  The crowd formed around the pitch, cheering for their favourite side with wild enthusiasm   A cup final atmosphere filled the school field.

The teachers were taking on the Year 6 for a football match to raise awareness for Comic Relief.

The teachers, Mr Lilly in goal, Mr Crouch, Miss Marsden, Mr Vincer, Mr Leggat, Mr Rogers and a bearded man called Dodge who may have been a ringer from the Premiership! 

The Year 6,  Mr Redman in goal, Mr Woods, Mr Thompson, Mr Bradford, Mr Holland, Mr Denne, Mr Daniels and Mr Thorne with youth on their side.

Now I am probably not the best person to write this football report as I know nothing about football. It's at this point I should be telling you about the player's positions, however I am not convinced they stayed in them.  I should be telling you about defensive moves and attacking plays of which there were many I am sure!

What I can tell you is everyone took part in a fantastic match, filled with cheering, smiles, some great football from both sides and a few goals. The strapping worked and everyone came off the pitch unscathed.

The final score was 3-2 to the ....... teachers! I am told it is important to mention that these goals were scored by Mr Crouch, Mr Vincer and Mr Rogers.

Congratulations to all and here's to the next one :) 

Mrs Craggs