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At Tenterden Junior School Art forms an important part of the curriculum and is taught as an individual subject with strong links to the topics being taught within the relevant year. We are lucky to have our own Art Room which is equipped to offer students an array of opportunities.

Art lessons enable our children to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the world around them and beyond. Lessons are stimulating, engaging and imaginative with carefully planned projects which link to the topics covered in Literacy and Topic. Each student develops and records ideas using their own sketchbook prior to producing a final product. They are taught key skills such as observation, self-expression, visual thinking, analysis and evaluation to help them achieve their outcomes. Autonomy is important and we focus on the journey rather than the end product to ensure experimentation and individuality.

In the Junior School, Art is taught both in the classroom and in the designated art room using the Kapow scheme as a guide. Each child has full ownership of their sketch books and no two should look identical. A wide range of mediums, materials and techniques are employed across the year groups to develop proficiency. The techniques range from screen, block and mono-printing to collage and water colour.

Art enables children to access multi-cultural experiences and visit different periods in history. Both local and international artists are valued and studied in our school.

Community projects, whole school art projects and visiting artists enrich and strengthen the delivery of the curriculum.