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Art and Design Technology

Welcome to the Infant School Art and Design Technology Page

To inspire our young creative minds, at Tenterden Infant School, Art and Design Technology is integrated into our Topics to allow children to explore and develop their creative skills and knowledge in an exciting context.

In Art, children experience a range of mediums to develop different techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. They are introduced to a range of materials to create a variety of projects and we aim to revisit and deepen their learning throughout KS1. They use different elements of drawing, painting and sculpture to improve and share their ideas, experiences and imagination. The children also learn about a selection of artists and designers who have inspired Art through the ages and across the world.

In Design Technology, the children are encouraged to design what they are going to make and plan how they are going to make it. During the making process, their practical skills are improved through sharing ideas and experiences, as well as looking at inventors and designers who have made similar creations through the ages. Afterwards, the children learn how to reflect on their work, evaluating their successes and working out what could be improved.