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Attendance Impact

The Government requirement is for all children to have 97% attendance to ensure they have equal opportunity in their learning and development.  To meet this aim our school follows Project 97 and anyone's attendance below 97% will be involved in the Project.

You will receive a letter notifying that your child's attendance is below 97%.  This will start the positive process of supporting you and your child in achieving higher attendance. They too may then be one of the pupils who achieve 100% attendance in the future.

Please see the Lost Learning Poster attached which details the procedures within Project 97 and the impact of lost learning.

Please also be reminded of the school day's timings (see separate tab) as learning is lost if your child is late. Punctuality impacts on attendance.

Working together on attendance will ensure that your child's journey through primary school will result in them achieving their learning potential and maintaining positive relationships with their peers.  

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Burdett, Head of School.

Attendance is everyone's business.