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Building Learning Power

Tenterden Infant School: Building Learning Power

Building Learning Power’s main focus is on helping children to become better learners, enabling children to become emotionally engaged, use resources to the full, engage socially and take responsibility for their own learning.

One of the key things about the “BLP” ethos is the fact that not only is it ok to get stuck or not know the answer, but that it is a recognised good tool for finding out the answers. 

The key words for parents to look out for are: RECIPROCITY, REFLECTIVENESS, RESOURCEFULNESS and RESILIENCE. They represent the four aspects of learning; Emotional, Cognitive, Strategic and Interpersonal.

The four dispositions explained:



Absorption – becoming engrossed in learning

Managing distractions – recognising and reducing interruptions

Noticing – observing patterns and details

Perseverance – keeping going when things get difficult


Resourcefulness - SUPER SQUIRREL


Questioning – being curious and asking questions

Making Links – making connections between events and experiences

Imagining – using the mind to explore new ideas and experiences

Reasoning – working things out step by step

Capitalising – making good use of people and resources


Reflectiveness - WISE OWL


Planning - deciding what to do in advance

Revising – changing and monitoring plans along the way.

Distilling – selecting the most important information and carrying it forward to use in new experiences

Meta-learning – knowing yourself as a learner and being aware of how you learn best.


Reciprocity - ACTION ANT


Interdependence – knowing how to work independently and with others

Collaboration – working with others as a team

Empathy – considering the feelings of others

Listening – paying attention to what others are saying

Imitation – copying good behaviours, habits and attitudes from others

Mindfulness and Wellbeing - Mindful Mole

- Plans what to do

- Changes plans if things do not work

- Learns from each experience

- Understands how to learn

- Thinks about the moment

- Stays calm

- Is kind to others and themselves