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Canterbury School's Day

Wednesday the 8 th of November was not a very pleasant day weather-wise which was a shame as 400 children were dropped in the middle of Canterbury and made their way through the driving rain to congregate at the Cathedral for the middle of three days of Cathedral School’s Day. Although it happens every year, in order to accommodate all Kent C of E schools, each one can only send their Year 6 pupils about once every 4 or 5 years. This year was a double delight as both Tenterden Juniors and St. Michael’s both went on the same day making up around 20% of the children there. As both schools were present Andrew also went along to represent our clergy. 

Some of the Tenterden children take up the story ……
“The Cathedral was amazing. The cathedral was full of space yet `not bare. The history of the
building was overflowing and the past was unbelievable……. First we gathered for a prayer and an introduction for our first activities. Next we gathered into groups and I went to the crypt and wrote prayers.”

“We then did this prayer circle where we looked at a few pictures and we had to think what was
happening in the picture. We then had to colour some things in and we had to create a prayer. After that I got to look at some Bibles for inspiration and then got to make our own book.”

Scarlett W
“After our break we went upstairs to the Library to do book making. We made the books by using string (sewing) to put the paper together. To make the pages we folded and cut the paper. Then we learnt how books used to be made. To finish off our time in the library we stamped our books to make them look nice.”

“I enjoyed learning how to play the organ because it is unlike anything I’ve done before. It was really fun, but scary because it was on a very high platform and it was very tight. I met somebody who knew how to play and they played themselves.

Other groups learnt songs that they then performed during the afternoon act of worship or dressed up and role-played the story of Thomas Becket.

After lunch 400 children celebrated an act of worship including bible readings, reflections, poems, prayers and songs all ably led by children from different schools but narrated by two children from
St. Michaels.