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Children in the Lead

At Tenterden Junior School we believe in giving the children the chance to lead with pride. There are many roles for the children to take on as responsibilities within the school. We give them the opportunity to stand for election and be voted in by the pupils in their year groups. 

The five lead opportunities are:

House and Vice Captains

Responsible for managing our pupil reward points system
Showing visitors around the school and acting as ambassadors
They nominate their chosen charity and fund raise throughout the year by organising several events for the participation and enjoyment of all pupils 
Prepare hall for assemblies, monitor hallways and distribute registers 

Our House and Vice Captains
Pupil Worship Leaders


Our Pupil Worship Leaders are a group of volunteers who have committed themselves to help in the setting up, resourcing and carrying out of our daily Collective Worship.

Initially they helped to set the hall up with our altar, chairs for staff, collecting classes and bringing them to the hall and working the technology for music and accompanying texts and stories.

After in-house training they have now progressed to planning and leading worship on a two weekly basis and assisting each day with readings and drama.


Monitor the library during breaks. Catalogue newly acquired titles on the computer system. Tidy the shelves and file all returned books

School Council

Awaiting Content

Sports Leaders Awaiting Content