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History and Geography

History and Geography form a large part of our “Topic” learning.  Within each topic, the two subjects are often intertwined.  A sound understanding of the world around us helps children to see the bigger picture – life beyond their own existence. The children are encouraged to explore, ask questions and gather and look for evidence. They are encouraged to be inquisitive and creative and to become immersed within their learning.

In History, children will cover different aspects of British, European and World history and cover areas such as Voyaging Vikings, Awesome Egyptians, Black History and The Home Front.

Our curriculum encourages a skills-based approach and children will develop skills such as chronology, archaeology, research, enquiry as well as a sound knowledge of key events and time periods.

In Geography, children will develop skills such as map reading including understanding the location of the equator, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and time zones. They will also work on map reading and making, the points of the compass and field work skills.  They will also consider the impact of human and physical changes affecting places around the world and think about conservation as well as developing good place knowledge.

Throughout the teaching of these subjects, children are engaged in research, fieldwork, debate, discussion, art and design.   

Our aim is that our children will leave KS2 inquisitive, knowledgeable and ready for further exploration.