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Welcome to the Infant School Music Page    

In our school we recognise and value music as an important social experience during which the class and school communities can come together in creative expression.  In music assemblies and class music sessions children participate in a variety of musical activities that help to foster a love and enjoyment of music-making and singing. 

In their musical education, children will experience music and its various concepts in many different ways.  They will participate in chants, rhymes, singing songs, instrument demonstrations, instrument exploration, listening activities, musical stories, composing and ensemble playing.  It is intended that this varied approach to experiencing music, encourages it to be seen as something that is accessible and that music can be enjoyed in numerous ways in our school lives and beyond.

It is our aim that music is a visible and embedded part of the life of our school.  In addition to assemblies, class music sessions, peripatetic music lessons, after-school music clubs when able, we are continually developing ways in which the children can have meaningful musical experiences. We plan to include such opportunities for children to share their musical talents with the school community; musical demonstrations from instrument specialists which will include music from around the world, promoting British values and the development of some ensemble groups to perform at school events.