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Physical Education

Welcome to the Infant School Physical Education Page

In our school we recognise and value physical education as an important experience for children to not only learn the key core skills to move, balance and control equipment but also as an enjoyable activity with their friends and peers that can extend in to their life outside of school. We use our PE Funding to provide as many opportunities, in a variety of ways, to be physical and cooperate together in individual and team games. An important aspect is having a healthy view of competition and understanding that practising and being a Tough Tortoise is vital to improving 'personal bests'. We celebrate sporting achievements in the same way we celebrate all curriculum areas in whole school assemblies. We pay for sports coaches our children to widen our children's experiences of specialised instructors and lots of different sports. This builds self-esteem, confidence and sport knowledge. We provide an after school club each week that is run by the coaches so all children have the opportunity to take part in a sporting club. We make links with local sport initiatives/clubs and support children being active in the community. We seek ways to increase and introduce new sports to our children. We are promoting dance for all our pupils to link with British values and widening children's horizons about PE and how it is embedded in different cultures.

We also promote and are continually developing children's ability to choose, develop, practice and create playtime games that involve movement and all the skills that this encompasses. We are developing our outside areas to promote different physical activities. We link PE to a healthy life style and also healthy eating. Part of this is developing our internal school garden to grow foods that can be cooked by our chefs and then tasted by all. Maintaining and digging the garden is definitely muscle building! It also supports our Mindful Mole so children feel calm and peaceful; enjoying a physical activity outside.

Our PE curriculum aims to help each child understand their potential, recognise and celebrate other's achievements and to begin to know how their body works. We aim to provide activities of all kinds so all children can take part at their level during the lesson, at play and in the community. We welcome sportsmen and women to talk to our children about their love and achievement in sport so if you know someone who would like to do this please inform the school office.