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Physical Education

At Tenterden Junior School, we aim to provide all pupils with a high-quality and inclusive programme that enables them to develop physical, social, and emotional skills and achieve their full potential. Our aim is to foster a love for sport and physical activity and encourage pupils to be active throughout their lives.

Our PE curriculum is designed to be progressive and cater to the needs and abilities of every child. We offer a wide range of physical activity opportunities with our key threads being invasion gamers, sending and receiving games, and movement (such as dance and gymnastics). We also provide outdoor and adventurous activity opportunities to challenge pupils' comfort zones and develop their problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills.

Our teachers deliver lessons that are engaging, structured and focussed on developing specific skills and techniques. Sports coaches provide targeted professional development to the teachers so we can continue to improve our provision. We provide opportunities for pupils to analyse and evaluate their performance, set realistic targets, and consider how they can improve.

We strive to offer a range of experiences for our pupils, through a variety of after school clubs, and both competitive and non-competitive inter and intra school competitions. These offer our pupils opportunities to apply skills that have been learnt in schools to different contexts.