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Religious Education

RE Curriculum

The Religious Education curriculum is aimed at equipping all of our children to hold balanced and informed conversations about religions and beliefs at a time when our country is becoming more and more cosmopolitan and religiously diverse.  As a Church of England School we follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus, which studies Christianity for four terms a year and a variety of non-Christian religions for the other two.  This is delivered through the "Understanding Christianity" scheme produced by the national group RE Today, which provides a religious education curriculum that is rich and varied enabling learners to acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith.  It provided a wide range of opportunities for learners to understand and to make links between the beliefs, practices and values systems of the range of faiths and world views studied using an enquiry based approach that engages with, religious text and helps develop religious and theological literacy.  Links with the Christian values of the school and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are intrinsic to the RE curriculum and should have a significant impact on learners.  We work very closely with our local church, St Mildred's, and are developing events such as 'Exploring Christmas' and 'Exploring Easter' which challenge our children to engage with these important festivals through interactive workshops on location at the Church and led by local parishioners. We are also looking at ways to encourage the understanding of other religions through visiting speakers and accessing them through our own pupils and their families.