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Welcome to the Tenterden Infant Science page  

Science is taught through fun and engaging practical experiences at Tenterden Infants that enable children to understand and observe the world around them. We foster and develop their natural curiosity through an enquiry based approach which encourages children to ask questions and wonder about natural and manmade phenomena. By taking part in simple tests and experiments they are able to develop their understanding through an investigative approach, using their observations to suggest answers.  Teachers develop children’s understanding of the environment and their surroundings by accessing outdoor learning.

Children are encouraged to build and use a scientific vocabulary to enable them to talk about what they have found out and communicate their ideas. 

Through a variety of activities and experiences children develop fundamental scientific skills, observing, classifying, gathering data, taking and recording measurements. They build their scientific knowledge through a diverse range of sources.  Enrichment opportunities including educational trips, visitors, science week and connections with national agencies such as STEM help develop children’s science capital and aspirations.