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Staff Names

Executive Headteacher   Ms S Crinnion
Head of Schools   Mrs T McIntosh
Deputy Headteacher   Miss T Burdett
Early Years Foundation Stage Puddleducks

Miss L Every
Miss E Walters - TA
Mrs S Clout - HLTA

  Hungry Caterpillars

Mrs K Jackson/Mrs S Wiles
Mr M Baker - TA
Mrs K Willis - TA


Year One Donaldson

Mrs A Hood 
Mrs S Crawford - HLTA

  Beatrix Potter

Miss H Shaw
Mrs S Tigg - TA

Year Two Rosen

Mrs J Cripps
Mrs J White - TA
Mrs F Scott - TA

  Anthony Browne

Miss L Bryant
Mrs E Brookes- Guerreiro - TA
Mrs A Watson - TA 

Computing Manager   Mrs K Craggs
Inclusion Manager   Mrs C Day
Family Support Manager   Mrs S Sault
Office Manager   Ms S Goulden
Business Manager   Mrs C Higginson
Administrative Staff   Mrs S Crook
Caretaker   Mr J Catt