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Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing at Tenterden Primary Federation

Talk for Writing has been used as the structure for English teaching across Tenterden Primary Federation since September 2016. Each unit of work takes three weeks and enables the children to explore and learn high quality model texts, experiment with language, learn grammatical structures and how to use punctuation accurately before concluding the cycle by writing their own independent piece.


Cold Task

Children start by writing an independent piece of work from which targets are set.  Children explore and orally learn texts which model the skills that they are learning.

Imitation Week They look at how texts affect readers and how writers use language, grammar and punctuation to achieve their intended effect.
Innovation Week Children make alterations to the models which they are provided with as they experiment with language and different sentence structures. These alterations could be changing characters, flashbacks or even writing a sequel!
Independent Application Week Having gathered all of the skills needed to write in this style, the children plan and write their own independent text.
Hot Task Children finish by writing their final piece on which their targets are assessed.

Some other terms you may have heard your children say:

Boxing Up

A planning method in which the children plot out a narrative/non-narrative text  by ordering ideas, events and language in vertically arranged boxes.

Magpie Books

Each child has their own ‘Magpie Book’ in which they collect words, sentences or ideas which they may have heard or read.

More information about this highly successful programme can be found at, or click on the logo below.