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Year 3's Visit to St Mildreds

Report on Year 3's visit to St Mildreds

On Wednesday 27th March Year 3 went on a visit to St. Mildred’s Church in Tenterden to learn more about how Christians celebrate the events of Holy Week.

Reverend Lindsay and his team welcomed the children to the church, and began by re-telling the story of the main days of this period, namely Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The children were there as part of this term’s R.E. unit, Salvation.

First they recreated the procession held by many churches on Palm Sunday to celebrate Jesus’s arrival in Jerusalem, with waving palm leaves and calls of ‘Hosanna!’

Then as part of Maundy Thursday services, many congregations take turns to wash each other’s feet – this reminds them of how Jesus served his disciples at the Last Supper. Several children volunteered to try doing this!

Good Friday is a sombre time, recalling as it does the crucifixion. At St. Mildred’s the church lights are dimmed and the altar is stripped bare, before the congregation leave quietly.

Finally, on Easter Sunday a ceremonial candle is lit from an outside brazier and the congregation celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

The children very much enjoyed taking part in the activities, and it really brought to life the traditions of the Christian church.