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Young Carers

Is your child a Young Carer?

A young carer is aged between 5 and 18.  They care for a family member who may have a physical disability, a long-term health condition, have a sensory impairment, a learning disability, or be experiencing mental ill health.  Sometimes, a sibling may need a lot of time and attention. 

What support is there for Young Carers?

We work with Kent Young Carers (Imago) who support with 1:1 mentoring, social groups, respite outings and school drop-ins (

In school support is through our Young Carers’ Club.  This takes place fortnightly on a Tuesday lunchtime.  Our aim is to provide a safe space where our young carers (EYFS to Year 6) can be listened to, explore how they can support their wellbeing and get together to enjoy games/activities.

We can also signpost to other services and support for the whole family.

What next?

It may be that we have already contacted you and your child/children are now benefitting from support.  However, if you would like to discuss whether your child is a young carer, please contact Mrs Sault, Family Liaison Manager.